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A new retreat for Mamas

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Byron Bay - 6th-8th March 2020 * Sonoma - Aug/Sept 2020

Matressence is a three day retreat for mums. 

Three rare days where we come together to reflect on who we were before our little ones arrived, bravely explore who we are becoming now, and nourish our souls, bodies and minds.


Adolescence, that confusing time of love, heartache and growth, is one of life’s great periods of transformation. For women, ‘matrescence’ - the transition into motherhood - is equally as revolutionary, perhaps even more so. We courageously take on new roles, new responsibilities, new identities. We quietly come to terms with letting go of some of our former selves, and work to discover the new essence of our being. We are pulled between an intense love for the children we are nurturing, and a resilient desire to live out our own personal purpose and passions. It’s a time where not only do we give birth to new life but also often to new ideas, new businesses, and new contributions to the world. 

Too often we do much of this alone, without the time or relationships to explore these emotions and ideas with other women, not just in the time immediately after childbirth, but throughout our lives as mothers.

This is why Matressence was born.

Over three day retreats held in the green hinterland of Byron Bay and the golden hills of Sonoma small groups of mothers will come together to share their stories, souls and selves. Over great meals, discussions and some much deserved indulgence we build new connections and creatively explore new possibilities. 

Our first retreat will be held from the 6th-8th March 2020 in Byron Bay.

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